About Us

‘In the modern world, the desirability of opportunities are not always reserved for the most candidates, but are reserved for the most hungry and ambitious of individuals’

KPVE PTY LTD is a Sydney based Marketing company specialising in all things media. Our constant diversified work is a reflection of the commitment we supply to our clients. Our customers rely on us to provide them with cost effective solutions, identify areas for improvement, solve operational issues, supply 24/7 customer service and keep their online business’ operational.

From our commencement in 2012 we have come a long way in understanding how modern media has changed. We strive to provide an array of utilities to help your business grow. We strongly believe in working hard to develop a strong online presence for those who seek our services.At KPVE we focus on delivering what we promise - we treat each business as it was ours. Our vision is to create the upmost successful operations for our long serving clients. We focus on educating our customers, so they understand the logistical process of branding and marketing. We work with startups, sole traders, corporate offices and franchises.

Our point of difference is that we over supply - we work for our clients. We focus on delivering quality and we ensure our customers are fully aware of all their options before proceeding. We are often employed to resolve an issue that has been presented to us by a previous provider, this demonstrates the lack of understanding provided to the consumer. We are firm believers in educating our customers, teaching them how to operate an admin panel or why we have decided to use the following material for a sales campaign, this creates common synergy. We rely on feedback from our clients in order to constantly improve our resources and upgrade our business utilities supplied for our operators. We promise to ensure our customers are completely satisfied before any financial arrangement is made, our price promise means our fees are consistent and fair. We don’t look to oversell or flood our customers with unnecessary material.